PROA is a Spanish federation of audiovisual producers founded in 2008

The Federation includes over 200 production companies

What is PROA?

PROA is a Spanish federation of audiovisual producers founded in 2008. In 2015, with the aim of providing better services to its members, PROA underwent an important structural change with an internal organisation based mainly in sectoral associations.

The Federation includes over 200 production companies and is still expanding and growing.

PROA’s Board of Directors is led by Raimon Masllorens, president of the Federation, and is made up of representatives of all the associations. PROA has also a technical team headed by Montserrat Bou, Director.

The Federation acts as a mediator and representative, as a strategic agent in defence of the  audiovisual sector’s interests both at national and international levels.


PROA functions as a lobby before public institutions and other agents of the industry to favour the global positioning of film and video production as well as to increase its visibility through events, conferences and attending festivals and markets.

The Federation’s main objective is to create an ecosystem to improve its members´ conditions. In addition to this, it generates a variety of information and training spaces accessible to all of them. To this end, PROA has been working during the last years on a thorough investigation of new forms of audiovisual financing.

PROA is made up of seven associations

About us

PROA is made up of seven associations, being five of them sectorial and the two generalist. Sectorial associations in the Federation are, among others:  ProDocs (documentary), ProAnimats (animation), ProFicció (fiction), ProTV (television) and Devicat (videogames). The two generalist associations are APAIB (Balearic Islands) and AVANT (Valencia, Castellon, Alicante).

Federation Audiovisual Producers

What do we want?

The Federation of Audiovisual Producers has had a relevant role in the latest changes and proposals in film and video regulations. PROA has been the driving force behind, among others, the proposal for the operators’ fee approved in the Catalan Parliament, that provided important additional financing.

During 2017, PROA carried out an exhaustive study on financing models in 22 European countries, resulting in a proposal that is to be applied in Spain, the FASA, that was presented, debated and agreed with the Board of Producers where PROA associations also belong to.

In addition to this, PROA constantly studies and analyses the inertias and changes in the film and video sector at a national and international level with the aim of detecting and remaining at the forefront of new developments and trends.



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